Are you familiar with the Sensorwake?

Sensorwake was born in France and was one of the stars of CES 2018. It has been sold more than 20,000 copies and it is a little gem of technology for olfactory!

Sensorwake is a small designer alarm clock that wakes you up with scents: chocolate, cappuccino, orange juice, small cookie, cut grass, seaside, Orée des Bois and many more. We were able to test this alarm clock* and discover the early mornings scented with mint or sea spray. Let’s have a look at our original experience and this innovative and nice product.

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Who is Sensorwake?

In 2014, Guillaume is a 17-year-old boy from Nantes who hates the morning. He starts looking for a pleasant way to wake up and thinks about the smell! He builds several alarm clock models in his garage. In 2014, he represents France at the Google Science Fair where his innovation is recognized as one of the 15 that can change the world. This is then the beginning of his adventure… Since then the Sensorwake has received 17 prestigious awards including the Innovation Award 2016 and 2017 of the different CES!

A “very promising” alliance

The acquisition of the start-up by Maison Berger Paris (formerly Lampe Berger) should help accelerate its development, thanks to its network of 7,000 distributors around the world. The 120-year-old company from Normandy – which generates 50 million euros in annual sales, 75 percent of which is exported – intends with this acquisition to “attract a new clientele” and “capture new markets,” it said in a statement. “This alliance between an iconic French heritage brand and a young start-up is very promising,” Guillaume Rolland, now 22, told Reuters.

Dog smelling

The young CEO of Bescent will become an employee of Maison Berger Paris, to work on developing a “strategy” and “synergies” not yet decided. Caught up in the whirlwind of Sensorwake’s success, this son of a retirement home director and an SNCF engineer, who still lives with his parents, had quickly abandoned in 2015 the engineering school he had joined after his baccalaureate.

The takeover of Bescent will, by the way, lead Givaudan, the Swiss manufacturer of flavors and fragrances, to sell its shares in the start-up. The world leader in the sector will remain a supplier to Maison Berger Paris, the young man points out.

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