8 options to help you get rid of your tinnitus

Whistling, buzzing, hissing… These are the sounds that some people hear in their ears. Called tinnitus, these sounds can appear all of a sudden and be temporary but also persist. When they are chronic, tinnitus often makes life hell for those who suffer from it and the quality of life can be strongly affected.

  1. Listen to music

To forget your tinnitus, the most important thing is not to focus on it. The worst thing to do is to lock yourself up in the dark, without noise, with earplugs in your ears and wait for them to pass by themselves.

Instead, it is better to concentrate on another noise, listening to music that is not too loud, such as a recording of the sound of waves for example. Try to do an activity that requires your attention: you will see at the end of it that your tinnitus will have subsided.

  1. Stop certain medications

When taken for a long time, certain medications can cause tinnitus. This is the case with acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin), ibuprofen (Advil), quinine, certain diuretics, and antibiotics.

If you feel that there is a correlation between your medication and your tinnitus, talk to your doctor to consider alternative treatment. In any case, do not stop taking your medication on your own.

  1. Eat garlic and rosemary!

Some tinnitus can be caused by high blood pressure, so it is necessary to lower it.

Raw garlic and rosemary are known for their action on blood circulation and are grandmotherly recipes that have already proven their effectiveness .

  1. Essential oils

The benefits of essential oils are no longer to be proven and once again, they will be able to relieve you. EO of Italian helichrysum, marjoram, petitgrain bigarade will help you to support your tinnitus.

  1. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

Acupuncture and acupressure allow to obtain good results to alleviate tinnitus which have mainly two energetic origins: the kidney and the liver.

While waiting to make an appointment with a specialist, try this “celestial drum” exercise: block your ear at the level of the tragus with your middle finger placed, not pressed down. Tap the nail of your middle finger 36 times with one of the fingers of your other hand: you will hear a small hammering or drumming sound. Repeat the operation on the other ear, you should feel relief.

  1. Download the Diapason application

Developed by three French researchers, the Diapason application allows you to regain control over your tinnitus thanks to sound games defined according to an audiogram that you will have taken beforehand.

The Diapason application takes up the principles of the cognitive and behavioral therapy which exists since many years and aims at short-circuiting the auditory disorder.

  1. Take up sophrology

Fatigue and anxiety are known to cause tinnitus. This is why the regular practice of sophrology can be recommended to those who hear unpleasant noises in their ears.

It is indicated in cases of physical pain that can find psychological causes and is adapted to people suffering from anxiety disorders, with its various manifestations such as psoriasis, ulcers and also tinnitus!

  1. Gingko biloba

Used to fight against anxiety, Ginkgo biloba is recognized by the European Commission for the treatment of tinnitus of vascular origin. Nevertheless, it is a minority of the cases of tinnitus.

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